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ChoptPac Trimline Motorcycle Trunk - Our ChoptPac is 100% hand made in our shop by us. From waxing the molds that we built, spraying gelcoat to 40 mils, spraying neutral gel & polyester resin to another 80 mils, hand laying and pressing 44 square feet of 1.5 oz fiberglass mat, installing OSB in the lower layers of the bottom for strength, laying additional reinforcements in the hinge, latch, and top areas, cutting & trimming, sanding, fitting, painting and/or buffing, hand drilling and fitting all 89 pieces of hardware, laying interior carpet, and finally assembling these units...all a very tedious labor of love.

Our ChoptPac is a unique height/thickness, different from the Razor, Razr, Chopped HD, etc. People often call our packs a "Razor, but they're not. The "Razor" name has been tossed around and stolen so much it's crazy. The real Razor was a Paul Yaffee pack, and wasn't much thicker than a big phone book. Since then, several companies have used the name and spelled it different ways for their own version of a thinner pack, including HD. We call our pack a "ChoptPac", it is 5-1/2" thick in the back, and about 7" thick in the front. it is about 8" thick in the front center, behind the backrest. You can put 1/2 helmets in it and close the lid.

Unlike most everything else on the market that is plastic, ABS, or heavy Chopper Gun fiberglass, the ChoptPack we manufacture is all hand laid and pressed glass, OSB reinforced flat bottom (no need for the H-D bottom plate inside)

All 89 pieces of hardware are drilled, fitted, and installed. Hinges/locks, lid seal, lanyard, latches, etc. All the hard work is done for you, unlike most of the other packs out there that come to you as a box full of parts to figure out. It also has an extended rain drip to help keep water out. It doesn't need the metal reinforcement plate in the bottom like H-D and all the plastic trunks under various names from China. We use locking latches with the locks built-in, no need for separate hole in the trunk for a lock. The hinges are our own design and a significant inrovement over HD latches, with welded hinge pins and an improved hinge footprint for better load distribution. We build our own rubberized lid restraint with a stainless steel interior for a rattle-free lid stay.

It's available in primer for painting for $450, and Vivid Black gelcoat for $500. Color match is available, but we recommend you have that done by a local painter who can actually see your bike and perfectly match it to your bike.

Options available are:

- Interior carpet package, Typically $50 installed in the bottom, $80 for the top and bottom. Most people only do the lower section.

- Reverse build: Uniquely available only from us. Latches on LH side, hinges on RH side, great for big wheel bikes with centerstand and trikes, you step off the bike on the left and open the pack without having to walk around the bike as with a std HD setup. Since those bikes don't lean to the left, a reverse build is a great option at no extra cost.

- Chrome or black hardware (hinges, latches, screws) = No extra cost

- Down-n-Dirty custom backrest from HighRollers MC Seats = $175.

- The new Mustang backrest available = $140

It is compatible with the H-D backrests, in the even you have or prefer one.

We don't build the bottom mount, but we can point you at some very cost effective choices used by many of our customers.

We typically prefer to deal with our ChoptPac customers on a one-on-one basis, to get every detail of our custom fabrication and assembly of these perfect. Email us at to discuss your needs, and be sure to check out daily build pictures and loads of customer installations on our facebook page at: .

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