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ExtendRisers SWR-9 For VTX-1300C

ExtendRisers SWR-10 For Aero 750 (2004-2007)

ExtendRisers SWR-11 For Vulcan en500

ExtendRisers SWR-9 For Vulcan 900 Custom

ExtendRisers SWR-27 For VT-1300 Fury

ExtendRisers SWR-29 For 750 Phantom

ExtendRisers - These have been manufactured for many years, and the fitment and model list keeps growing. This is a great way to get more rise and pullback from your stock T-Bars (handlebars with the risers stems welded on) without having to change bars, controls, etc. Due to the angle of your top tree, extending the stem lengths will provide both rise and pullback. Most of these provide somewhere in the range of 2" up, 2" back, but you can click on your specific model of bike to see the exact specifications for your application. These come with all mounting hardware & instructions to make this a simple and quick installation project. Much less expensive than conventional risers, not to mention you save the price of a new handlebar and don't have to fuss with all of those changes! Depending on model, these are available in polished and black.

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VT-750 Aero '04-'07 Phantom 750 VTX-1300C VT-1300 Fury


EN500 '96+ VN900 Custom Polished VN900 Custom Black Mean Streak Polished
Mean Streak Black


VZ800 Marauder M95 Marauder Polished M95 Marauder Black VN1600 Polished
VN1600 Black

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