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1" PhatBones for 1.5" T-Bars

2" PhatBones for 1.5" T-Bars

3" PhatBones for 1.5" T-Bars

4" PhatBones for 1.5" T-Bars

PhatBones - These were originally designed for the Carlini Switchback, when a customer had one of these expensive bars and discovered they needed just a little more rise. Upon customer request, we've added 3 more sizes to the lineup, providing PhatBones for T-Bars with 1-1/2" stem diameter with additional heights of 1", 2", 3", and 4". These are CNC machined from 6061-T6 and polished to a mirror finish. The center bore is now 14.5mm, allowing for fitment on most any bike handlebar stud or bolt sizes up to 14mm. H-D and Vistory are typically 1/2" (13mm), Kawasaki uses m10 and m14, Honda & Yamaha 12mm, and Suzuki uses these literally work for everyone. These are designed so the bar fits down into the PhatBones, for a very smooth and clean installation!

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PhatBones Sizes

1" PhatBones 2" PhatBones 3" PhatBones 4" PhatBones

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