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3" PhatStix, for 1" bars

3" PhatStix, for 1-1/4" bars

3" PhatStix, for 1-1/2" bars

5" PhatStix, for 1-1/2" bars

7" PhatStix, for 1-1/2" bars

PhatStix - This straight chopper-style riser was designed to fill a need for straight risers for a wide variety of handlebar sizes. With the 1-1/2" Apes and drag bars becoming so popular, we set out to design a 'convertable' riser to fit these requirements. These are available in 3", 5" and 7" tall (measured from the base of the riser to the center of the handlebar bore). They are also available in any combination of height for handlebar diameters of 1", 1-1/4", and 1-1/2". The taller versions can be converted to the 3" height by simply removing the bottom section, while the 3" tall version can be converted to 5" or 7" tall with the addition of an optional lower section. The riser base was optimized in diameter to fit the bore in every known triple tree. Beefy. Badass. Not imported cast aluminum crap.

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PhatStix For 1" Handlebars

3" Tall 5" Tall 7" Tall

PhatStix For 1-1/4" Handlebars

3" Tall 5" Tall 7" Tall

PhatStix For 1-1/2" Handlebars

3" Tall 5" Tall 7" Tall

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