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Under Fender Tail Light Kit

Light Kit with lay-down license mount for 750 Spirit

Honda 750 Spirit Under Fender Tail Light Kit - This is a popular unit that we've been manufacturing since around 2005. It is made from laser cut stainless steel with an #8B polish. It looks like chrome, but the mirror finish never peels or rusts. It's a great way to clean up the tail end of your bike, and lay the license plate over at a cool angle to show more of that fat rear tire. This kit comes with the mount, the tail light assembly & license plate light, all mounting hardware, and instructions for an easy installation.

These were designed for the chain/belt driven Spirit 750s, but have been installed on many other models that were equipped with similar bobber-style rear fenders.

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Under Fender Tail Light Kit

Honda 750 Spirit

Billet Handlebar Switch (single circuit model shown)

Aux Lighting Control Switch - This unique switch fits right on your motorcycle handlebar and can be used to turn your light bar lights (or other auxiliary lights) on and off independently from your hi or low beam light switch. The switch is a single pole switch and manufactured of billet aluminum with a mirror finish. Available with 1 or 2 switches. These are designed for 1" diameter handlebars, but can also be used on 7/8" bars with our 7/8" handlebar adapters at no extra cost (specify 7/8" or 1" requirement at the time of your order, and we'll supply the correct hardware).

Billet Handlebar Switch

1 Circuit Handlebar Switch
2 Circuit Handlebar Switch

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